Our company establishing mutual business relationship and community development with trusted and approved farmers in many areas in Indonesia, such as Aceh for Betel Nut and Arabica Coffee Beans, Padang West Sumatra for Gambier, Jambi for Cassia Vera or Cinnamon, Riau for Coconut and derivatives, Lampung for Robusta Coffee Beans, Gorontalo Celebes for Cloves, and many more.

One of this program purpose is to support free trade system and eliminate the monopolistic system to increase farmers prosperous, also to teach farmers to produce good quality goods so that their goods can be more competitive on price. Any farmers may join with us as along as they have commitment to do good business in long term, approved with continuing supply, open widely to learn new things, and honesty is the top priority.
Here are commodities we can provide for you, with terms and conditions:

Broken Cinnamon
Broken Cassia Cinnamomum Burmannii Grade 1 KA-AB (Break from AA to B Quality)
Grade 2 KB-BC (Break from B to C Quality).
Origin: Korinchi Lake Jambi Indonesia.
Packing: Double PP Bags 50Kgs Net.
Moisture: below 10% Oil Content (dry basis): 2.5% – 2.8%.
Thickness: 2 millimeters.
Color: Yellow brownish to dark brown
Taste: Spicy to not too spicy.
Quantity: 100 Metric tons per month.
Delivery: 30 Metric tons per 10 Days.
Loading Port: Tanjung Priok – Jakarta Price &
Payment: Negotiable.

Cassia Vera Stick
Cinnamon Sticks AA Cut Cinnamomum Burmannii Cleaned & Washed.
Origin: Korinchi Lake Jambi Indonesia.
Oil Content (dry basis): approximately. 2.5%.
Length size: 10 centimeters.
Thickness: 2 millimeters
Impurities: maximum 2%
Moisture: below 12%
Average diameter (curling): 5 – 10 millimeters
Taste: Not too spicy, sweets spicy
Smells: Good Color: Yellow – Old Yellow
1. Standard Carton Box Double Size 575 x 575 x 275 mm Content 20Kgs Net Double Wall Corrugated Box
2. Exclusive Carton Box Size 650 x 580 x 120 mm Content 10Kgs Net Single Wall Corrugated Box
Quantity: 50 Metric tons per month
Delivery: 15 Metric tons per 10 Days
Loading Port: Tanjung Priok – Jakarta Price &
Payment: Negotiable.


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